For years trampolines have been associated with simple playsets in backyards. Now, their popularity has soared sky high. Thanks to the rise of indoor trampoline parks the trampoline has made a comeback and lost its childish image. It’s time for a new generation of trampoline parks. They offer a great outing for the entire family (even for those teenagers who just want to play videogames or post on Instagram), are suited for jumpers who are up for a challenge, and perfect for those who want to get fit in an unorthodox and cool way. What makes these parks so appealing?

Trampoline parks 2.0.: more than jumping alone

An never-ending tumbling lane, a Ninja course where you can channel your inner Ninja Warrior, a Walk Wall to freerun as much as you like, or a game of Twister, where you have to continuously jump two giant sweeper arms to outlast other contestants. The next generation of trampoline parks offer so much more than jumping alone. It’s the key to their appeal. Jumping is combined with different sports, walk walls, and other activities. In short: jumping has become an experience. And, that’s exactly what millenials are looking for.

A jump(r)evolution

The regular trampoline in your parents backyard has evolved into a new form of entertainment: jumping 2.0. It’s the latest trend, and young people willingly tear themselves away from their computers for it. Partly, they are inspired by daredevil influencers on YouTube who show of stunts & tricks in their online tutorials. But, the look and feel of most trampoline parks is also what lures tweens into jumping. The parks are cool, edgy, and on top of today’s young people wants and likes. In other words: they are the place to be.

The rise of trampoline parks’ popularity

Starting in the United States, the jumping craze reached Europe in 2011. Since 2014 the number of trampoline parks increased rapidly. The fast expansion of several chains in indoor jumping parks are a sign of the growing popularity. Currently there are over sixty parks in The Netherlands.

Jump XL is the European market leader in indoor trampoline parks, or, as they call it: Extreme Fun Parks. A term that really captures the essence of the parks. Right now, Jump XL can boast a number of 31 parks, and this year alone there will be opening more than fifteen subsidiaries across Europe. Recently, a new park opened in France and three new ones will open soon, Germany can also expect another Jump XL-location, and the Dutch city of Hengelo just had its big opening weekend.

Today’s trampoline parks: for everyone

Joris Naalden, CEO of Jump XL, explains the growing popularity of jumping: “A visit to one of our trampoline parks guarantees  an entertaining day for a reasonable price. And, it’s always indoors, so you never have to take the weather into account. We offer activities for all ages, so everybody’s needs are met. This makes our parks suitable for family-outings, but also for young people who would like to roam the park by themselves, and practice their skills. People who want to stay in shape are just as welcome: we offer a great variety of fitness lessons. Also, we pay a lot of attention to the appearance of our parks. We strive to achieve the right look and feel. Our parks have a relaxt and urban atmosphere that appeals to our visitors.”

Want to take a sneak peek into one of our parks? You can watch this video of one of our Jump XL-locations here

"Our parks have a relaxt and urban atmosphere that appeals to our visitors"