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Can everyone come and jump, or do you need experience?

Jumping is suitable for everyone; you don’t need any special skills. During “free jumping” hours, Jump Arenas are open for everyone, doesn’t matter what level they are. However, for experienced jumpers, like gymnasts or freerunners, it might be a better idea to come during the special stunt tricks and classes.

Can I be too heavy to jump?

Goodness, no! It doesn’t matter how heavy you are, you’re welcome to come jump with us! The quality of our trampolines is fantastic; they won’t have any trouble at all.

Do carers and those accompanying people have to pay entry?

No, only jumpers pay entry. Parents and carers can come to watch the jumps and tricks if they want. There’s plenty of space for them to sit down, and they can even eat and/or drink something while they’re admiring the antics of their charges!

How do I dispute a payment?

Having an issue with a payment? Click the link below to find out how to contact us or dispute a transaction. 

Payment inquiries and disputes

How old do you have to be to jump?

Pretty much anyone can enjoy jumping! Obviously, the intensity of the jumping depends on the person’s age and fitness level. We offer MiniJump especially for the youngest jumpers (from 18 months to 6 years), when they can roll and crawl on soft trampoline fields*. Serious jumping on the soft and sturdy Jump XL trampolines is only possible from the age of 7 years. Our oldest jumpers can enjoy special senior lessons on the trampolines.

* Young children may only jump in the Jump Arenas under supervision. All lessons and activities at the various locations can be found in the calendar.

What is the maximum age?

There is no maximum age. As long as you are fit enough and don't have any physical problems that prevent you from jumping, you’re more than welcome.

How can I find out which classes and special activities are organised at my local Jump XL?

Each Jump XL has its own calendar and organises classes and activities for certain target groups. On the location page, look under activities, classes and programmes to see what they organise, and when.

Is booking tickets essential?

Since trampoline jumping is incredibly popular, and most people tend to want to go jumping at the same time of day, it's a good idea to book in advance. Then you can be sure that you can jump when you want. Go to the Jump XL you want to visit, click “Prices and promotions” and click “Buy ticket”. Here you can enter when you want to jump and with how many people.

Where can I find more information about children’s parties?

Every Jump XL puts together its own packages, including children’s parties. Check the Jump XL of your choice to find out what their options are. Under “Locations and prices”, pick the location you want, then click “Parties and groups”.

When are you open?

Each Jump XL has its own opening hours. Pick the Jump XL you want to visit. Then click “Times and calendar”.

How many people can jump at the same time?

That's easy: no more than one person per bounce mat (a single trampoline). Because not all Jump Arenas are the same size, the maximum number of people who can jump at the same time also varies. By the way, every Jump Arena has a maximum capacity for safety reasons.

How far do I have to be there in advance?

It's a good idea to be there at least 15 minutes before your Jump session. Why? Because you’ll have to listen to an explanation and the safety instructions first! They are very important.