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The positive effects of trampoline fitness


Jogging? The advantages of trampoline fitness are far greater

We can’t think of a better reason to start your trampoline fitness-routine today. In 1980, the bright minds of NASA – the American space agency – confirmed the the positive effects of jumping on the human body. Their findings? Rebounding proved to be a far better work-out than running, since it puts less strain on the body. Still in doubt on giving up your daily jog? We highlight every advantage of working out on a trampoline.

Jumping as a fitness regime
It puzzles us: despite the magnificent findings of the NASA scientists, the jumping craze only sky-rocketed just five years ago. Before that, trampoline jumping was either done by kids in backyards or by gymnasts. No less than thirty years after publishing, that has luckily changed. The trampoline park business is booming. Those parks quickly picked up on the advantages trampoline fitness brings. The current generation of Extreme Fun Parks do not only provide a place for young daredevils to do stunts and tricks. Fitness also became part of the deal. And those positive effects of jumping the NASA researchers wrote about? These are still very much valid arguments to start your trampoline routine.

The most important advantage of trampoline fitness
NASA scientist A. Bhattacharya and his partners concluded that exercising on the trampoline is a full-body work-out. When you jog, there is twice as much pressure on the muscles, joints and tendons of your ankles, back and forehead. With every landing, your legs and feet must carry your weight, and depending on the impact, that can be up to four times your bodyweight. Those G-forces have less influence on your body when you jump on a trampoline. The soft padding soaks up the impact of the landing, which strengthens and protects your bones and joints at the same time. Plus, you are less likely to experience any injuries. A win-win!
Here’s a fun fact: Did you know that ten minutes of trampoline fitness equals a thirty minute jog? Talking about a high-intensity work-out!

The positive qualities of jumping

Already convinced that trampoline fitness is the way to go? If not, don’t worry. We’re not done listing all the positive qualities of jumping.

• Did you know that jumping strengthens your body cells? The effect of gravity, as well as the pressure changes, have something to do with it. Also, during your work-out, oxygen reaches more cells in your body.
• With rebounding you will boost your immune system. Your lymph fluid circulation increases and along with it, so does your white blood cell activity. That causes your body to detox naturally.
• Trampoline fitness also has a positive effect on your heart and blood vessels.
• Physical strength, stronger muscles, enhanced coordination, balance and flexibility: all features that greatly improve with a regular trampoline routine.
• Want to lose weight? Again, trampoline fitness is the way to go. Your digestive system gets more active and you will burn fat.
• As a bonus, your oxygen level increases during rebounding. Even way much more than it would while jogging.


Did we mention the best part of trampoline fitness? Jumping releases a lot of endorphins and those little hormones make you feel happy. What better reason is there to start jumping?

Jump XL has a fitness program and with more than thirty locations in Europe, you’re in luck of finding a subsidiary near you. So, get jumping, get fit!