Nov '17 23

Jump XL is expanding its network

Jump XL, Europe's number one trampolinepark is expanding it's network very fast. Jumping in our large Jump XL trampoline parks is booming throughout the Netherlands and Europe. We transforming large high halls into cool and urban indoor trampoline parks! 

New Jump XL locations, Opening 2017/2018

- Warmond (opening December.01, 2017)
- Diemen (opening December.08, 2017)
- Amersfoort (opening December.25, 2017)
- Hengelo (opening mid February 2018)
- Heerlen (opening first quarter 2018)
- Eindhoven (second location)
- 's-Hertogenbosch

- Le Havre
- Nantes
- Cannes
- Nancy
- Le Mans
- Valenciennes

- Lublin (opening February 2018)

- Braunschweig

Are you ready for Jump XL? Jump to the MAX! Jumping in a Jump XL trampoline park: "Fun, Excitement, Coolness, Sports" Our customers visit us to free jump, to host jump parties and to take jumping lessons such as jump fitness. Each Jump XL trampolinepark consists of multiple jump arena's, with each jump arena offering specific challenges.

We are searching for new locations, read more

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