Jan '16 13

Jump XL goes to Asia!

In March Jump XL arrives in Harbor Pattaya, Thailand. This unique Asian city concept will add color to the city's major tourist attractions.

Harbor Pattaya offers an empire of 10,000 square meters full of entertainment and learning activities. This largest leisure center in ASIA consists of several zones, including a large Jump XL trampoline park, ice skating, climbing center etc. 

This unique new city concept is fully based on life with no hurry. When you'd ever have the opportunity, go visit Harbor Pattaya!


Harbour Resort is a large city project that includes shopping, education, entertainment and premium class offices. The main goal of this project is to give expression to the changing urban lifestyle.

Inspired by the unique new city
The front of the building looks "Origami Wave", which will be the major attraction of Pattaya and sets a new standard for future projects.

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