The Jump XL Partner Formula

European Formula
Jump XL is the largest European network of maxi sized trampoline parks. The formula was developed in the Netherlands and is being rolled out (multilingual) to other European countries.

At present we have Jump XL parks in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Thailand.

The central Jump XL organization is responsible for the technical development of the trampoline concept, ensures a successful branding of the brand, guarantees the continuity of the formula and recruits new (international) partners.

Each empty hall or building with a freely available surface area of at least 1500 m2 and a minimum free height of 6 meters can be effectively transformed into a Jump XL trampoline park. Obviously, the zoning must allow the new activity, preferably also including serving drinks and snacks. Terms and conditions are different in each municipality, so a good location check is absolutely essential. The destination also requires plenty of parking and it is important that enough potential visitors live in the immediate vicinity. On average it has been shown that a population of 150,000 within a 15 km radius is sufficient for a successful operation.

When selecting new locations the central organization takes into account a good spread. Each partner is assigned an exclusive right to his/her catchment area.