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Trampoline Fitness

A solid fitness workout with a smile on your face. Meet Trampoline Fitness: intensive workouts on trampolines. Thanks to the bounce of the trampolines, these workouts are incredible fat burners. Trampoline fitness workouts put less strain on your joints than running, and you’re less likely to get injured. And why jump around on a teeny tiny trampoline at the gym when you’ll have an entire trampoline for yourself at Jump XL?

Trampoline fitness has wonderful advantages, such as:

  • 10 minutes of jumping burns as many calories as running for half an hour
  • you're less likely to get hurt thanks to the soft surface
  • trampoline jumping boosts your metabolism
  • trampoline jumping increases the oxygen intake of your body, including that of your brain and other tissue
  • trampoline jumping improves your balance
  • trampoline jumping strengthens your bones
  • trampoline jumping improves the lymphatic system of your body: the constant bounce has a positive effect on the fluids in your body
  • and, last but not least: trampoline jumping boosts your endorphin levels, so it makes everybody happy!

All these great advantages make working out at one of our Jump XL Jump Arenas even more fun! Why wait? Check where you can go for Trampoline Fitness classes today!