Jump Fitness



Jump Fitness is for those who want to leave the somersaults and backflips to the adrenaline junkies among us, but are interested in more than just recreational jumping on the trampolines.

The Jump Fitness training sessions involve a wide range of exercises that are probably familiar from the gym or boot camp training, only we give them a different twist. Everyone’s done squats, lunges and jumping jacks before, but have you ever tried doing them on a trampoline? This makes the workout more intense as well as lots more fun! We not only use the trampolines, though. We also use the rest of the Jump Arena during the lessons. In addition, we use equipment like weights, kettlebells and resistance bands. In other words, combine all the fun parts of the gym, group lessons, recreational jumping and boot camp training into a mixer and voilà – you get the perfect Jump Fitness cocktail!


  • 1 individual lesson: 13.00
  • 10-lesson card*: 100.00
  • 3-month subscription*: 99.00

*Only available at the park.

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With a 3-month subscription, you can participate for 3 months in Jump Fitness classes which are given in the park of your choice.

Space per course is limited, so be sure to book each course online in advance.

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