Adrenaline junkie or athlete? Do you like to push yourself to the limit? Do you have guts and self-discipline? Then JumpScool is right up your alley!

During this 10-lesson course, you learn the coolest Stunts & Tricks from our Jump Masters. Before the course begins, you take part in a kick-off lesson to determine your level and place you in the right group. After the 10 lessons, you learn the tricks that are appropriate for your level and personal goals. Since everyone learns at a different pace and some like to practice more than others, not everyone moves up a level after 10 lessons. That's why we offer the possibility to take part in a particular course level several times if desired. You advance to the next level if, by the end of the course, you have sufficiently mastered 80% of the tricks. You then receive a JUMPSCOOL diploma for that level!

These are the 3 levels:

  1. Rule the Basics
  2. Challenge the Master
  3. Master in Movement

Every course package comes with:

  • 1 trial lesson*
  • 10 course lessons
  • 1 Bring a Friend lesson**
  • 1 JumpScool T-shirt
  • Free Jumping socks with every lesson
  • 30 minutes of extra jumping after every jumping session***


  • 1 course package: 120.00
  • 2 course packages: 220.00
  • 3 course packages: 300.00

The above rates apply when you sign up for multiple courses at once. If you want to sign up for a follow-up course only, this costs 120.00 for the first course and 110.00 for any following follow-up courses.****

Day From Until
Wednesday 18:00 19:00

Signing up:
Complete the contact form below to sign up for JumpScool. Once we have received your information, we will send confirmation of your registration and an invitation to the trial lesson.

I have taken a JumpScool course before:
I want to sign up for:
Level I expect to be placed:
Size Jump Socks:


* After the trial lesson, you can decide whether or not to continue with the lessons and purchase the course package. If you decide not to continue, you will only be charged 13.99 for this lesson.

**The Bring a Friend lesson is a final course lesson. Bring a friend to come jump with you and show what you’ve learned.

***For the duration of the JumpScool course, the special code on your JumpScool member pass will grant you an extra 30 minutes of jumping at every jump session that you book. You will then only pay for 60 minutes of a 90-minute Free Jumping session. This gives you even more time to practice your tricks outside of lesson time!

****The reduced rate only applies when you sign up for multiple courses for a single person at the same time.

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