About Jump XL 

Jump XL has locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France. The brand was founded in the Netherlands in 2014 and has since grown into one of the biggest driving forces in the market. With its strong brand formula, large network and innovative concept, Jump XL offers visitors an unrivalled customer experience time and time again, without ever losing sight of the quality it is known for. Jump XL is part of the Jumpsquare Group, to which all Jumpsquare parks have also belonged since 2019.

With more than 30 indoor trampoline parks, Jumpsquare Group is the largest and fastest growing European chain of indoor trampoline parks. You’ll find our parks in the Jumpsquare and Jump XL formulas in no fewer than four European countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France. These parks are run either privately or through franchise partners.

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We are always looking for new staff members to join our teams in our existing and future parks. Are you looking for a fun job? Jump right into the job openings page!

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