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The perfect Gift! 

Are you in search of a fun and original gift? How about a Jump XL gift card? Because can you think of anything more fun than a jump session? Uh.. Of course not! So surprise someone with a Jump XL gift card and off they jump!

Why is it such a fun gift?
Well, because experienced jumpers are bound to be excited about a free jumping session, while for friends who have never jumped before, it’s the perfect introduction to jumping! But the very best part about this gift is that you can do it together. Whatever the celebration, there’s always a reason to jump for joy together!

Which kind of gift card are there?
We offer gift card for specific activities or in the amount of your choice. If you opt for the latter, the lucky receiver of the gift card can decide for him or herself which jumping session to use the card for. The card can also be used to buy a drink, a tasty treat or one of our great merchandise items.

Validity of the gift card
The gift card doesn’t have an expiration date, but it can only be used at the Jump XL park where the card was purchased.

Amount of your choice v.a. 5.00 p.p.

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