Bouncing on your birthday bash


Looking for an original idea for your birthday party? Get jumping!  

‘We’re not telling where we are going, but make sure to pack your swimming gear’. How many times have you read this on an invitation? The swimming pool, cinema, playgrounds, or petting zoo: all perfectly good and fun places to celebrate your birthday party. But, also activities that everyone has done a million times. Looking for an original theme that guarantees you a birthday bash with a bang? How about trampoline jumping in an indoor trampoline park. With the rising popularity of those parks, there is always one nearby!   

The coolest celebration in a trampoline park
It is original, a true experience and it is a way to get active together with all your friends. Exactly the kind of event kids and teens are looking for these days. In this regard, the popularity of indoor trampoline parks comes as no surprise. And, the parks are keen to meet the needs of their visitors. They facilitate all kinds of birthday parties. From a dodgeball-themed bash to a serious workshop where kids learn all kinds of stunts and tricks. Professional indoor restaurants add to the experience. After letting themselves go on the tumbling lane, Ninja Parcours, Walk Wall or Twister, the partygoers can relax with hamburgers and fries, or ice-cream. 

Jumping: a true happening
Inspiring tutorials from influencers and free runners on YouTube  have made jumping more popular than ever. A birthday outing to a trampoline park will be a smashing success. The look and feel of the parks exactly cater to the wants and likes of kids these days: urban and edgy. The activities in itself are challenging. Visitors can channel their inner ninja and true daredevils can try their hand at the tricks seen on YouTube-video’s. A birthday party at a trampoline park will be an event to remember!
Still not convinced a jumping party is the way to go? In the trend rapport about tourism, recreational activities and leisure from 2014, CBS claimed that people are looking for activities of high quality and that offer a true experience. A consequence of the growing number of obligations, which make free time more scarce. Indoor trampoline parks offer just what the public is looking for: an experience in an appealing environment, with challenging one-of-a-kind activities. So, if the Twister, Trapeze, or Jump Tower can’t persuade you to throw a jumping party, than just go with the facts! ;)
Curious about those jumping parties? Or, do you want to discuss the possibilities? We at Jump XL are happy to help!

"It is original, a true experience and it is a way to get active together with all your friends"