Jump XL's brand ambassadors


Introducing: the Jump XL brand ambassadors!
Nowadays influencers come in all shapes and sizes. You get the huge influencers with millions of followers, like fashion icon Chiara Ferragni. But, there are also micro-influencers such as equestrian talents Anne and Lotte Meulendijks. Fashion and horses are great, of course, but our hearts belong to jumping! That's why Jump XL has enlisted four influencers who get a kick out of freerunning, jumping and stunts as brand ambassadors. And they're pretty impressive: together they have more than 250,000 followers on social media. Wonder who they are? Read on! Read more or take a look at

Parkour on the train with Boaz
Boaz van Boggelen is nuts about freerunning, travels the world over, and regularly takes on the awesomest challenges. What’s more, he shares everything on his own YouTube channel and Instagram! And you could say that’s going pretty well. With more than 97,000 YouTube subscribers, he can count on a solid fan base that can’t wait for his next adventure. A flip from the train onto the platform? Challenge accepted! ;)

Freestyle trampolining with Dante
Dante Santovenia is Jump XL’s youngest ambassador. Exotic name, sure, but Dutch through-and-through. He lost his heart to trampolining at a young age, and is so good at it that he was accepted as a member of Canadian jump champion Greg Roe’s GregRoe Crew. As part of the team, he travels around the world with the best freerunners and flippers. Want to know more about what he gets up to? Then check his Instagram!

Watch Seekrz’ coolest adventures
A duo! And perhaps Jump XL's most famous brand ambassadors. The Seekrz adrenaline junkies have freerunning running through their veins. Tim and Defvin love joking around, looking for the most excellent challenges, and then capturing them on video. Every week, they treat their 153,000 YouTube subscribers to the coolest videos. Obviously, we at Jump XL are all huge fans of the video in which they spend a night at our Rotterdam location on their own. Just like the other 122,000 viewers, by the way. ;)

"Meet our friends: Boaz, Dante & Seekrz"