Challenge to the max!

Release the Ninja within! Only the coolest dude or dudette in the neighbourhood (with the right speed, coordination, strength and dexterity) will get across this exciting obstacle course.

You're gonna have to climb and clamber over the strangest obstacles, dive out of the way, and desperately keep your balance if you want to get to the other side.

Parkour fail? Oh well, at least you’ll land in a soft foam pit. Time to get up and get going again! A real Ninja won’t let a little fall get him down.


You can book this activity in these locations



Je vindt ons om de hoek bij Piet Klerkx


Naast Monkey Town Rotterdam vlakbij Feyenoord Stadion


Opening begin juni - Voorheen Tennis Centrum Woolderes

Cannes la Bocca

Est situé entre Cannes et Mandelieu


Największy na Lubelszczyźnie Park Trampolin Jump XL

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