Area's, lessons & programs

At the Jump XL parks you can do all kinds of fun lessons and programs in all these fun area's. Check below a glimp of our offering!



Stunts and Tricks

Pretty jealous of all those experienced jumpers performing the coolest tricks on the trampolines? Want to learn to do a 360 twist, front flip, back flip, 540 front or fullback?

Then join us at our special stunts & tricks classes. Check out what you can learn at the Jump XL park near you and sign up right away!

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Trampoline Fitness

A solid fitness workout with a smile on your face. Meet Trampoline Fitness: intensive workouts on trampolines. Thanks to the bounce of the trampolines, these workouts are incredible fat burners. Trampoline fitness workouts put less strain on your joints than running, and you’re less likely to get injured. And why jump around on a teeny tiny trampoline at the gym when you’ll have an entire trampoline for yourself at Jump XL?

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Puppy Jump

Who says that trampoline jumping is just for the bigger daredevils? Definitely not! The littlest ones love our trampolines too. And that’s what our programme for parents with children between 18 months and 7 years old is all about: an exciting AND safe way to learn to jump, roll and fall. Fathers, mothers and other carers jump for free; you only have to pay for the kids. Why wait? Check the times and days for Puppy Jump classes today!

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