Brand ambassadors

Meet our brand ambassadors

As you probably already know, Jump XL collaborates with a number of awesome social media influencers. And because we’re so proud of this, we can’t wait to present them to you! 

Boaz van Boggelen
Boaz is mainly known for his YouTube videos and makes videos about freerunning and other extreme sports like snowboarding, surfing and urban exploring.
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Dante Santovenia
Dante is a freestyle trampoline jumper. He is part of the Greg Roe Crew, which travels the world with the best freerunners/flippers of the world.

Meet Tim and Defvin: together they are Seekrz. Every week, they have the most bizarre, excellent, and funny adventures. All filmed and edited especially for you on their YouTube Channel.
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"Meet our Jump Friends: BOAZ, DANTE, SEEKRZ"