Apr '16 08

Cool promotions at the Jump XL parks

Have you noticed yet how great actions and promotions are organized in all Jump XL parks? Constantly! Go and check, you won’t miss them!

Now that you find Jump XL at more and more locations, you’ll find one of our parks even closer to your city then before. 

Keep an eye on them, it’s worth it!

Most promotions are on Instagram and Facebook. Very easy to follow! Just become fan and don’t mis any great promotion and special event.

Just a piece of cake.


Check Instagram and Facebook

Do you know where to find all our channels? With #jumpxl you’ll spot them easily. To help you we placed the most active channels in a list: 

And more Jump XL channels are yet to come! 

Also the facebookpages are easy to find. Check our main page, go to the map and click on the location you prefer. See you!

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