Rules and FAQ

You jump in our trampoline parks voluntarily and at your own risk. We expect that you follow our instructions and safety rules when doing so, which are made clear at all times when entering our jump centres.

The rules in our trampoline parks are there for your own safety and for the safety of others. These are the main rules:

  • jumping is only allowed for people in good health
  • jump on the jumping fields and not on the harder padding (sides)
  • jump and land on two feet. For a safe landing, land on both feet, with your legs slightly apart, knees bent and arms stretched forward.
  • one person at a time on trampoline field
  • if you fall, keep your arms close to your body and try to hold the chin against the chest. This prevents injuries to arms, elbows and shoulders.
  • carefully consider others on the trampoline. Only do tricks if there is space for this in the jump arena
  • jumping under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication is prohibited

Frequently Asked Questions

  • From what age is jumping suitable?
    • Jumping on the soft and firm Jump XL trampolines can be done from any age, the intensity of the jumping depends on someone's age and condition. The littlest ones (from 1 year) already like rolling and crawling on the soft trampoline fields and special senior classes can be given on the trampolines for the eldest.
    • Small children may only play in the jump arenas when supervised; you can find the classes and activities for all target groups in the park’s time schedule. 
  • What is the maximum age?
    • There is no upper age limit, as long as someone has a good condition and no physical problems which could interfere with the jumping; he/she is most welcome. 
  • Can anyone come jumping, or should you have already practised?
    • Jumping is suitable for everyone, no special skills are required. During the 'free jumping' opening hours the jump arenas are open to everyone, regardless of level. For experienced jumpers, for example, gymnasts or free runners, it might be smarter to do their exercises during quiet times or in the classes.
  • Is there a maximum weight to be able to jump?
    • People of all weight levels are welcome to come jumping, the trampolines are high-quality and can handle this easily. 
  • How do I know which classes and which special activities are available at my nearest Jump XL location?
    • Each Jump XL location has its own schedule and organises classes and activities for certain target groups. At ‘Locations and prices’ choose the location of your choice.
  • Must tickets always be reserved?
    • Since trampolining is very popular and therefore so many people want to come jumping at the same time, it is advisable to always book in advance. This way you are sure that your trampoline is reserved. At ‘Locations and prices’ choose the location of your choice.
  • What are the opening times?
    • The opening times are different for each Jump XL location. At ‘Locations and prices’ choose the location of your choice.
  • How many people can jump simultaneously
    • We have a useful rule of thumb to determine the maximum capacity: one person per trampoline field. Seeing as the size of the jump arenas are different, the maximum number of people that can jump simultaneously varies. Incidentally, it is for safety reasons that every jump arena has a maximum capacity. And everybody can just freely jump from one to the next trampoline field.
  • More information about children’s parties
    • Each Jump XL location compiles its own packages, such as children's parties. View the location of your choice to see the possibilities. At 'Locations and prices' choose the location of your choice
  • How long in advance should you be present?
    • It is advisable to be present at least 15 minutes before you start your jump session. You are first given explanations and safety instructions before you can go jumping.
  • Do parents/guardians also have to pay the admission fee?
    • No, only the jumpers pay an admission fee. Parents and guardians are welcome to come and see all the jumps and tricks.