Jumping is fun and healthy, but jump safely!
Exercise is healthy but there is a risk of injury; this also applies to jumping in our Jump XL trampoline park.

Your action: 
Read and understand the rules, watch the instruction video carefully and follow the instructions of the Jump XL team. To gain access to the trampoline park, you must sign a statement, in which you confirm that you understand the rules, and will comply with them, and as such acknowledge that you know that there are risks associated with jumping.

Jump XL action: 
Supervision by the Jump XL team, monitoring with the aid of a camera system.

The Jump XL trampoline installations are manufactured in the Netherlands whereby the EN-1176-10 standard, the EN 13219 standard and the American ASTM standard F2970-13 have been used as a guideline. In addition, the Jump XL arenas are certified by the TÜV.

Risk of injuries

Jumping in a Jump XL trampoline park is hardly dangerous. Our trampolines, our pillow pit (large airbag) and use of all other equipment and devices are no more dangerous than other extreme sports. The current safety score at Jump XL is 99.983%, which means 0.017% of the jumpers is unlucky and sustains an injury. 
Our trampolines meet the highest safety standards, our trainers are well trained and the quality of the trampolines is very high. After all, made in the Netherlands stands for the highest quality. 
The jumpers must obviously abide by the rules and follow the safety instructions of the supervisors properly. Nevertheless, we cannot eliminate all the risks; there is indeed always a risk of injury in sports and games.

A study conducted in 2012 in the USA, shows that trampolining is not particularly dangerous. The accompanying figure shows the comparison of trampoline jumping compared to other sports.