Jumping is fun and healthy. But make sure you jump safe! It's a sport, and that means you could get hurt. To keep the risks to a minimum, but also to keep jumping fun for everyone, we have some rules that we all stick to.


What you should do:

Read and understand the rules, watch the instruction video carefully, and follow the instructions of the Jump XL team. They also point out ways you could get hurt. After the instructions, you sign a waiver to show that you know the rules and know that there are risks associated with jumping.


What Jump XL should do:

The Jump XL team supervises everyone with additional help from a CCTV system.

The trampoline installations at Jump XL are manufactured in the Netherlands using the EN-1176-10 and EN 13219 standards and the American ASTM standard F2970-13 as a guideline. All Jump XL Arenas have also been certified by the TÜV.

Risk of injuries


Getting hurt at a Jump XL trampoline park is highly unlikely. In fact, Jump XL’s current safety score is 99.983%. That means you’ve only got a teensy chance of getting hurt.

Our trampolines meet the highest safety standards, our trainers are well trained and the quality of the trampolines is very high. After all: Made in The Netherlands guarantees the highest quality.

Of course, all jumpers should stick to the rules and make sure they follow the safety instructions of the supervisors properly. Sadly we can’t get rid of ALL the risks. After all, people do get hurt during sports and games sometimes.



  1. Only people who are in good health are allowed to jump.
  2. Jump on the middle of the bounce mat, not on the hard padding at the side.
  3. Jump and land on both feet. For a safe landing, land on both feet, legs slightly apart, knees bent and arms stretched forwards.
  4. No more than one person per bounce mat (trampoline).
  5. If you fall, keep your arms close to your body and try to keep your chin against your chest. This way you won’t hurt your arms, elbows and shoulders.
  6. Be considerate of others on the trampoline. Only do tricks and stunts if there's space in the Jump Arena.
  7. Jumping under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication is NOT ALLOWED.
  8. Do not take any hard, sharp objects on the trampolines, store them somewhere safe.