Jump XL is the market leader in jumping throughout Europe

With trampoline parks in the Netherlands (18), France (5), Belgium (1), Germany (2), Poland (1) and Thailand (1) as per November 2017, we operate the largest network of trampoline parks in Europe.

And we keep on growing to let everyone in Europe experience Jump XL! We are planning on opening 20 new parks in 2018. 

More than 170.000 jumpers in Europe each month

Each month our jump arena's are visited by over 170.000 jumpers (that's more than 5,000 to 8,000 per park!). Our jumpers visit us to Free Jump, to host Jump Parties and to take jumping lessons such as Jump Fitness and Extreme Jump. Our fan base is growing fast!

Almost 100.000 unique website visitors per month

Jump XL's online community is huge. More than 1 in each 5 visitors books the next jumping session through our online reservation system. More than 1.1 million unique visitors visit more than 5 million pages on the Jump XL website. A lot of visitors find the Jump XL parks through social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. So the online community is growing really fast.

The current safety score is 99.983%

We take our responsibility to our jumper community very seriously: with thousands of people both young and old jumping in our trampoline parks on a daily basis, our 99.983% safety score underlines our high technical and user safety standards and policies. Watched by our trained jump arena supervisors and with clear instructions on how to jump safely given to jumpers, our parks are run very safely. Only 0.017% of our jumpers are injured and when this happens, our trained staff is there to help and ensure that injuries are taken care of immediately.


Both Jump XL and our jumpers are uploading super cool jump videos through YouTube. Since October 2016, there has been a very strong upward trend in the number of hours these video's are viewed on YouTube: more than 72,000 hours in the past 3 months confirm the success of the Jump XL marketing strategy and our online approach to our target audience.


Jumping in our large Jump XL trampoline parks is booming throughout the Netherlands and Europe: we're transforming large, high halls into cool indoor trampoline parks. We're searching for buildings of at least 1500 square meters and 6 meters (20 feet) high inside, with sufficient parking space nearby, in and around all European cities. We're good neighbours: there's no noise pollution and no increased pressure on parking space in our surroundings. Preferably, a location is ready to house leisure or sports activities. We're willing to offer long term lease contracts.

Who we are

Jump XL is managing and further expanding the largest European network of trampoline parks. We're a creditworthy, professional and decisive company that sets the trend in top quality trampoline parks, with the ambition to grow to 80 trampoline parks in 2020 (Europe).

Now that the number of people that discover jumping is growing fast, we're ready to expand our network of trampoline parks in and around all European cities. Our exceptionally strong marketing concept and brand formula forms the basis for our success.

Jump XL sets the trend in trampoline parks throughout Europe with its top quality trampoline parks, outstanding technical safety and experienced management.

Jumping as a leisure activity is becoming increasingly popular fast: it's both sports and fun. A Jump XL trampoline park is made up of fields of trampolines  (3 by 3 meters (10 feet by 10 feet) each) that are linked together to form jump arena's. Each Jump XL trampoline park consists of multiple jump arena's, with each jump arena offering specific challenges.   

If you have suitable space or buildings available, please do let us know!
If you think that your building is fit to be transformed into the next Jump XL trampoline park, contact us via info@jump-xl.com. We're looking forward to hear the essential characteristics of the building from you.


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