Safety and Rules

Jumping is fun and healthy. But make sure you jump safe! It's a sport, and that means you could get hurt. To keep the risks to a minimum, but also to keep jumping fun for everyone, we have some rules that we all stick to.

Your responsibility:
Read and understand the rules, watch the instruction video carefully, and follow the instructions of the Jump XL team. They also point out ways you could get hurt. After the instructions, you sign a waiver to show that you know the rules and know that there are risks associated with jumping.

Jump XL’s responsibilities:
All Jump XL’s trampoline systems are produced and assembled by Dutch manufacturer ELI Play. The equipment Jump XL uses is of the highest quality available in the market. After all: “Made in The Netherlands” guarantees top quality products.

The construction of our trampoline systems is based on the US ASTM F2970-13 standard and on the British PAS 5000 standard (which in turn is based on the US ASTM standard). Because trampoline jumping in trampoline parks like Jump XL’s originated in the United States (where the sector has been under development since 2014, and where the safety of visitors has the highest priority), the US law and regulations and standards are the best developed in the market. In addition, all Jump XL arenas are inspected by a government-approved inspection body.


Getting hurt at a Jump XL trampoline park is highly unlikely. According to the internal safety and incident measurements that Jump XL conducted in the period from 2014 to 2018, our safety score is higher than 99.9%. That means the chance of injury is minute.

The safety of our customers is guaranteed by the constant, competent supervision of our professional and well-trained supervisors. Our visitors also have to attend a mandatory safety session given by our supervisors, who then ensure that everyone actually complies with these safety instructions in the arena. In addition, our parks meet the highest safety standards; all of our trampoline systems are produced and assembled by a Dutch manufacturer. After all: “Made in The Netherlands” guarantees top quality products.

Sadly we can’t remove all the risks: after all, there will always be a small risk of injury while people play sports and games. Everyone who works for us has completed compulsory emergency training and a mandatory emergency response course, so we can guarantee the safety of our jumpers should they get involved in an incident after all.




Jumping in our trampoline parks is voluntary and completely at your own risk. We expect you to follow our instructions and the safety rules. These are explained to you when you enter our Jump XL venue.

The rules in the Jump XL trampoline parks are for your own safety and that of others. These are the most important rules:


  • Jumping is only allowed for people with good health conditions.

  • Jump on the jumping fields and not on the hard paddings (sides)

  • Jump and land on two legs. For a safe landing, land on both feet, legs spread apart, knees bend and arms stretched out.

  • One person per trampoline field.

  • When falling, keep arms close to the body and try to hold your chin on your chest. This may prevent injuries on arms, elbows and shoulders.

  • Be aware of others while jumping. Only do tricks if there is space for that in the jump arena.

  • Jumping under influence of alcohol, drugs or medicine is prohibited.

  • Don't take hard, sharp objects with you on the trampolines. Store these safely instead.