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Lessons & Activities

All Jump XL parks organise all kinds of fun lessons and activities. See the list of options below!



Ever find yourself watching experienced jumpers with envy, as they do the coolest tricks on the trampolines? Want to learn how to do a 360 twist, front flip, back flip, 540 front or back full flip?

JumpScool teaches you impressive stunts and tricks on and around the trampolines under the guidance of our professional Jump Masters. JumpScool is open to anyone age 7 or older and there is no maximum age limit. All jumpers are welcome!

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Jump Fit

An intense workout with a smile on your face? It’s possible! With JumpFitness, you enjoy intense group training on the trampolines. Thanks to the trampoline suspension, the various workouts are real fat burners!

Running on a treadmill puts twice as much pressure on the muscles, joints and tendons in your ankles, lower back and forehead. With each landing, your lower legs and feet sometimes have to carry as much as four times the weight of your body. G-forces have less of an impact on your body when you jump. This is because the trampoline rebounds, thereby lessening the impact of your landing. Your bones and joints are protected yet strengthened at the same time. This reduces the risk of injury. A win-win situation!

Fun fact: Did you know that ten minutes of jumping is equivalent to thirty minutes of running? Now that’s a high-intensity workout!

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Think that trampoline jumping is only for real daredevils? Think again! Even the youngest of kids are crazy about our trampolines. That's why we've added MiniJump to our programme especially for parents with kids ages 18 months to 6 years. It’s an amazingly fun and safe way to learn to jump, roll and fall.

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On Friday evenings, Jump XL turns into a cool club, complete with laser show and disco lights. Jump to the coolest beats in town from 7 pm to 10 pm.

Book the ClubJumping package right away:
3 hours of jumping for only €20

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