World Jump Day @ Jump XL


July the 20th is World Jump Day! The perfect excuse to put on your jumping socks at a trampoline park near you. Jumping is fun and good for your health, so what are you waiting for?

World Jump Day: go for that trampoline!
World Jump Day started out as an art project that got a little bit out of hand in 2006, but has since stayed put on our calendars. Every year, July 20th is jumping day. With a jump rope, just plain up and down , or at the best possible place you can imagine: a trampoline park! We give you two reasons (besides the fact that it is World Jump Day) to visit an Extreme Fun Park today!

Jumping against climate change
A German artist in 2006, posing as a scientist, claimed to have found the ultimate solution against global warming. He suggested that on July 20th of that year, he could force the Earth out of its orbit by making 600 billion people in the Western Hemisphere jump at the same time. Changing orbits would stop climate change, he said. Of course, this turned out to be a hoax. His plan was part of an art project. Although it would be wonderful if we could save the climate with just jumping, the notion is scientifically impossible.

World Jump Day: the perfect excuse!
Unfortunately, trampoline parks can’t save the environment. But World Jump Day (that is celebrated ever since) is however the perfect excuse to go jumping in a park near you. Luckily, there are plenty of those around since the jumping craze started in Europe in 2014. European market leader Jump XL for example, can be found throughout the continent with more than thirty trampoline parks . The next generation of parks offer an entertaining day out for a handsome price. And, because of the philosophy behind those parks, they are more than suitable for the entire family. So, bring the whole clan and get jumping!

Getting fit on jumping day
We already mentioned that the current generation of trampoline parks provide loads of fun for the little ones, as well as the fitness addicts. But also for teenagers and fun jumpers. In addition, jumping is incredibly good for your health. Did you know it is even better than a jog around the block? Space agency NASA researched the effects of jumping on a trampoline on your health and guess what? Ten minutes of rebounding equals half an hour of running. And, it is also better for your muscles, bones and joints. Fun ánd good for your health: What are you waiting for? Happy World Jump Day!

Sure, you could limit jumping to just World Jump Day. But, doesn’t a year of free jumping across the different Jump XL parks across Europe sound amazing? Share your craziest jumping photo with the hashtags #worldjumpday and #jumpxl on July the 20th and be in the running for this awesome prize!